6 Coaches in the Hot Seats at the End of March

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Although there have been many coaches that have been fired in a certain season in late December, which ended up being called the “silly season”, there are still hopes that coaches can still have a significant impact on college football teams.

So here are the six coaches on the hot seats that can possibly turn things around within their carry that will convince football clubs to keep relying on coaches.

Chad Morris – Arkansas

We all know Arkansas coach Chad Morris had an awful season in 2018. The only wins they made was with was Tulsa and Eastern Illinois. It was an awful year for Arkansas, Morris’ job as a coach is still in the safe spot.

That’s exactly the reason why it’s very interesting to watch.

Steve Addazio – Boston College

Boston College has had a good run with their 7-2 start thanks to their running back AJ Dillion and quarterback Anthony Brown.

However, with Steve Addazio as their coach, they’ve been having trouble with the seasons.

While Addazio was confirmed to be keeping his job for another season, will he really last long?

Randy Edsall – Connecticut

Unlike the rest of the coaches in this list, Randy Edsall of Connecticut had been fired once by UConn when he struggled at Maryland. However, after getting recaptured by the team, instead of getting back for them, it was the opposite.

They then had consecutive seasons with bad records. If he wants to keep his job this time around, he needs to change their position as quickly as possible.

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Willie Taggart – Florida State

After Willie Taggart left a strong gig at Oregon after only one season, teams are in alert for when he becomes available to be captured.

Now that Taggart got a hold of a position at Florida State last year, he was expected to do great things, but that wasn’t what happened.

Although he did badly in his first season on the team, many can’t deny that he has the talents. But alas, he can’t just expect to keep his job once he does badly in his next season.

Lovie Smith – Illinois

Just like Taggart, Lovie Smith also experienced success when he was at the Chicago Bears. After getting recruited by Illinois, Smith has been implementing his own program.

Although there are improvements, it’s not enough to suggest that he keeps his job. What he needs is a winning result to seriously keep his job.

Doug Martin – New Mexico State

Doug Martin had been the head coach for Golden Flashes from 2004 to 2010. What’s surprising is that he has never had a winning record on the team.

After getting recruited as the head coach of New Mexico State, he repeated what he did in his career in Golden Flashes. This is why he needs to step up his game if he wants to keep his job at NMSU.

These are the six coaches that you should track for NCAAF betting as it may be their last season in their teams. If all goes well, they may keep their job, but no one can expect for them to keep their jobs after leaving such a bad record for their teams.