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Bragging rights. That is what every fan wants. Those that do not have the bragging rights based on championships on the field or court will often resort to “well our ______ is better than your ______.” Since childhood we all have wanted to be the best or have the allegiance with the best.

“The Best of the MAC” is a series of researched opinions of MAC fans who don’t mind giving their opinions. Some may say we’re pro-‘this school’ or anti-‘that school’, but trust us when we say we’re doing our homework here. Hours of Internet research and reading threads on all of the MAC sports message boards have gone into these rankings. We also were able to talk to several fans that the Mid-American Conference Tournament and get their opinions as well. This is a way to formally rank “The Best of the MAC” in random categories.

So do you think your school has the best ____ in the MAC? Click the links below for your bragging rights.

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