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Football News - Football News

Our Football News page in Van Delay Sports is where you can find the latest and most significant news coverage in the football industry. Our news includes the statistics, rankings, reports, and scores specifically on the college football industry. We are also dedicated to cover the most exciting events.

Our journalism team are committed to bringing and presenting sports bettors up-to-date football news in a one-stop way. We make it a point to deliver our news in the most entertaining way as possible.

Our News Coverage

Here at Van Delay Sports, we dedicate our efforts into making it as simple and easy to understand as possible for people who want to stay in the know about football news. Thus, we categorize our news coverage into different branches.

Here’s a summary of what each category in our Football News page may indicate and what you can expect by reading them.


We monitor each match and post the end-result or scores of the most recent matches. However, keep in mind that we only cover matches that are related to NCAA football.


We do not only stick to the scores of different NCAA football teams in their previous matches. We also run background checks on players and coaches alike as they may find useful when doing NCAAF betting so they can further increase their winning odds.


As you may already know, our main purpose is to create a community of like-minded people, specifically NCAAF bettors. Thus, we post polls for them to voice out their opinions and their own predictions on upcoming matches and provide a risk-free voting system.


We believe there are ways to make use of rumors going around the college football industry. Thus, we allow our community or readers to create forums and threads where they may give their opinions on these aforementioned rumors.


We help our readers keep updated by posting the schedules of different college football events, be it tournaments, matches, transfers, or more.


In addition to the schedule, we provide news regarding the upcoming and previous events that we believe may be helpful for NCAAF bettors.

Our team at Van Delay Sports is dedicated to giving you the daily poop about college football news. We bring news about the teams you love while giving our and our readers comments on these issues. We make it easier for you to understand by giving only a summary of the news while keeping all the important details for you to digest.